Website Consulting

Strategic planning is vital to the success of your business and website. Our first step is to clearly understand your overall business goals. Next, we collaborate on key elements of your website strategy including:

  • The goals of your website -- sales, leads, branding, etc.
  • The target audience for your website
  • Website content and functionality requirements
  • Information architecture design and the structure of your website content
  • Website management capabilities and content management system (CMS) options
  • Technical integration requirements with third-party services such as merchant gateways
  • Search engine marketing, social media, and email marketing

The planning process culminates with a detailed blueprint for a successful development project.

Graphic Design Services

Compelling graphic design enhances your brand. We can develop strong web creatives that integrate with your website including logos, photographs, icons, accents and video.

Website Development

We build your website on a solid foundation with strategic use of complementary internet technologies. Considering your target audience and website goals, your website is constructed to display and work on the widest number of operating systems and browsers including desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Mobile Friendly Web Development

Learn more about options for a mobile friendly website.

Programming Services

We bring your website to life with functional databases, shopping carts, scripts and widgets. We can research and implement existing solutions or create custom code that fits your specific needs.

Website Maintenance

It is our goal to create a website that you can easily maintain with minimal time, knowledge and effort. But internet technologies change and content eventually becomes outdated, so we're here to help whether you need a major overhaul or simple tweak. Save with a monthly maintenance contract or hire us as needed.

Even if we didn't develop your website, we can still help maintain it. We can work with most standard platforms and programming languages.

Website Related Services

We offer all of the services that you need for a successful internet presence.


We provide world-class hosting via our sister company, PagePlop by PagePlanet. We have hosted websites since 1996 for clients around the world ranging from mom-and-pop businesses to government organizations.


Email allows you to communicate directly with your colleagues and customers. We provide flexible email services using your domain name including POP and forwarding accounts. You can easily integrate your email into a web-based platform such as Gmail and user your email account with multiple devices.


Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote your brand, services and products. We offer announcement and discussion listserve options using your domain name via our sister company, A-List Hosting by PagePlanet.

Domain Management

Your domain name is your website's identity. Lose it, and you might as well be in website witness protection where no one can find you! With our domain name management service, we make sure you domain name is secure and renewed in a timely manner with email for 2 months prior to your renewal date and phone notifications as required.